Sans toi c'est nul Sarah, a 16-year-old high school student, falls in love via a social network with a mysterious photographer who makes her dream ... How far will she go to materialize this budding love? Directed by Sebastien Rossi Written by Azouz Begag & Sebastien Rossi Produced by Sebastien Branche & Khaled Tahraoui Vegas... ou presque! Feature film in developpement Directed by Sebastien Rossi Written by Gilles Laurent & Sebastien Rossi Produced by Evercom Studios Cinema Big H story Henri Rodriguez, a.k.a Big H, a failed thirty-something rapper and part-time pizza delivery boy, would do anything to seduce the magnificent Keisha. He is working on the release of his album with Bobby Rock, a fake producer and 1960's protester who squats in a trailer on an empty terrain contested by two rival mafia clans. Directed by Sebastien Rossi Written by Sebastien Rossi Produced by Arts Films, Evercom Studios and Tracto Film. Road Nine Marrakech, Morocco. Nadia, a young single mother, works as a singer in a piano bar in Marrakech run by Yuri, a former thug from Marseille. He has just committed the biggest robbery of his life by stealing the jewelry of a prestigious jeweler. Following this theft, he tries to seduce Nadia, baiting her with jewelry so that she becomes his favorite. Struck, Nadia pushes him away. Yuri becoming violent, she defends herself and strikes him with a violent impulse. Shocked and paralyzed by what she has just done, Nadia flees ... Yanis takes this opportunity to help Nadia and reveal her hidden love. Nadia and Yanis find themselves then on the Moroccan roads, with only one goal: to recover her daughter Lina and her mother, put in danger by the men of Yuri who want to avenge him. Starring Beatrice Rosen, Assaad Bouab, Julien courbey, Bibi Naceri, Arcene Mosca... Directed by Sebastien Rossi Written by Bibi Naceri Produced by One Shot Media